How can you manage a long distance relationship? This post is for you that is in a long distance relationship or intending to go into one. Probably you’ve been wondering how to manage it.


Some people have been asking “how can you keep long distance relationship alive?  Others also asked “How do you take care of long distance relationship problems? The answers are right here before you; Pay attention to these easy ways to manage your long distance relationship we are about to discuss; they will help you to stop struggling with managing yours.


Long distance relationship is the most difficult type of relationship and could be super exhausting at times. Let us simply define a long distance relationship as an intimate or romantic relationship whereby partners live distantly apart from each other. It could be different states or countries. There are always difficulties in physical contacts due to the different geographical settlements or locations.


It is not easy to manage or control your emotions when you’re far away from each other. Most times, you need your partner around to talk to or to share a certain moment with. You often ask yourself “how can I survive this long distance relationship? This post is going to lead you through the 24 easy ways you need in managing yours. Let’s go straight to the point without wasting much of our time:


  • Be Sure This is What You Want.

First, before you go into a long distance relationship, make sure you are not being pressured into it. Be sure you really want to do this, if not you will never be happy in it, no matter what. The whole relationship will seem like a hell zone to you. This is a decision you have to take by yourself. My advice; do not go into a long distance relationship if you are not sure of it.


  • Have Open Communication

Try to talk about everything with your partner before starting a long distance relationship. Be free to discuss sensitive issues that can affect your relationship. Talk about your fears, worries and all your insecurities. Don’t hide your feelings.

Let your partner know how you feel, what you are scared of and your expections from the relationship. Discussing them helps you to understand yourselves more.



  • Define Your Relationship

This is something you must do from the start. Do not enter into a confusing relationship especially when it a long distance relationship. It is very disastrous to assume that you know the other person’s intentions. No! Don’t assume it rather, discuss it and clearly spell things out. Let the two of you know the stand of each other because it will help you to know if this is something you can do.

You both have to be on the same page for things to work out. Let me say this now; you will get heartache in the long run of your relationship if you don’t define what you are doing from the start. Again, you have to know your partner’s plans and intentions.

Remember; an undefined relationship always ends up with so much disappointments because things will end up the way you never wanted it.

It can lead to heartbreak. Also, read


  • Trust Your Partner

Trust is the only thing that will curtail some of your unnecessary jealousy. It takes your mind away from some negative thoughts that could be threats to your relationship. Trust is a necessary ingredient to every relationship but most essential for the survival of a long distance relationship. Build trust in your relationship and stay faithful to your partner



  • Do Some Things Together

There is no better way to be happy than creating your own happiness. Strengthen the bond between you two by doing the things you love together. Try doing things normal couples living together do, It will bring back fun into your relationship.

Social media has made this to be very easy and achievable since there are so many video apps out there. Choose one that works best for you. Let me give you some examples of the things you could be doing together even though you are far away from each other;

  • Cooking

man cooking

cooking in relationship star blog


This is good way of spending time together, you might decide to have fun cooking your delicious meals together.

  • Reading

If you are the type that loves reading then this one is for you. The two of you can decide to read your favourite books together.

  • Shopping

Shopping is another great way you can have fun together with your partner. You can decide to go shopping at the same time and help each other pick items.

  • Online Games

I know some people who are game freaks; you can decide to go the game way by playing online games together. It’s a sure way of having fun, as if you are together.

  • Taking Shower

woman bathing

Bathing together builds your love


I don’t need to tell you the magic embedded in this particular one. This does not only bring back fun between you but romance and intimacy. Try it and thank me later, #wink.

These are just a few suggestions; you can figure out something else that interests the both of you. Create any particular time to do this but make sure you choose something in line with your hubbies. It will be a time you will always look forward to, just be creative.



  • Minimize Your Communication

Yes, you heard me right. I know you will be surprised to hear this one. Ordinarily, you were expecting me to say something like “spend all day and night talking, #smile. You are as wrong as I was before I discovered this little secrete.

Due to the distance between you two, you feel that being on the phone for the whole day will fill the space in your relationship. The answer is no! Actually, studies show that spending several hours talking or chatting could cause more harm than good to your long distance relationship.

Minimize your contact duration, the lesser the better. Keeping in touch with your significant other keeps your heart together but don’t abuse it. Keep it minimal.



  • Be Sure You Feel Secure in Your Long Distance Relationship

Feeling secure will help you in knowing your stand in the relationship. It will help you not to pay attention to some unnecessary issues. There are some irrelevant fights you don’t need to fight if you feel secure in your long distance relationship.

Security in your relationship gives you self confidence. Feeling secure will help you to ignore or overlook some minor things happening around your partner. Being far away from each other is not easy. Let me say this, If at any point you feel your security is being threatened, discuss it with your partner. As I said before; discuss all your insecurity. Don’t get yourself worked up over things that don’t worth it.



  • Respect Each Other’s Feelings

Don’t take decisions that will hurt your partner whether directly or indirectly. Always be considerate. Remember there is someone somewhere who might  get hurt by your decisions. Always consider how your partner will feel, it shouldn’t be all about you or what you want alone.



  • Support Each Other

Support is one thing you should never neglect, no matter the distance. You both needs each other’s support to be able to pull through in all your long distance relationship challenges. Support yourselves emotionally, physically, psychologically, financially, spiritually and otherwise.



  • Communicate Regularly

man calling partner, trying to manage his relationship

communication will help your  relationship


Try to be communicating regularly. Don’t let many days pass by without communicating. Stay in touch with each other frequently, no matter how busy you are. Keep a routine check on your partner. Regular communication makes your partner feel loved.

It must not be a long conversation but make sure you do it very often no matter how little it might be. You could try texting, emailing, video calling etc, whichever is most convenient for you two. Don’t wait until there is something big or serious to talk about. Most importantly, don’t forget to always say good morning and good night, it shows you are in each other’s thoughts.



  • Know Each Other’s Schedules

Let your significant other into your activities. Discuss those your special moments together. Let them know what you are up to, your programs and projects. Make them feel involved in your life, it will help you to achieve a healthy long distance relationship.



  • Flirt With Your Partner

long distance relationship. relationship star blog

flirting is a way of managing your long distance relationship


Flirt with each other and talk dirty. Teasing yourselves builds a sexual tension which will increase your romantic bonding. Don’t wait until you see each other before you can play with yourselves. Do it over your tablets or computers. Tell yourselves things that will make you want to see each other the next minute. You can send some romantic texts, emojis, voice notes or videos.



  • Stay Honest Throughout Your Long Distance Relationship

Stay honest to each other whenever there’s a need to be open to your partner. Honesty is the key to building trust. If you make any mistake, try as much possible as you can to be honest and tell the truth, it will help your relationship.



  • Follow On Social Media

Follow each other on social media. Make use of social media to keep up to date with your activities. Keep in touch, always like and comment on your partners posts. Let them know you’re are there for them. Don’t be far away from what is happening in your partner’s life.



  • See the Positive Side of It

A long distance relationship is a test to your love. See it an opportunity to build your love. Some say “out of sight is out of mind” It is not every relationship that can survive long distance. Use the distance as an opportunity to build yourselves and your love.



  • Control Your Emotions

Set boundaries to what you react to. Do not take things too personally, it might not really be what it seems. Be calm in your words and actions because your intentions could easily be misunderstood or misinterpreted. Know when to let go and when to say sorry. You should drastically reduce unnecessary arguments.



  • Send love letters

ways to manage your long distance relationship. relationship star blog

managing long distance relationship


Do not limit your messages to only sms and social media texting alone. Remember I encouraged you to flirt with your partner; you can spice it up a bit by sending a hand written love notes and scan to your partner from time to time. It is just to add fun to your love life.



  • Have Time for Yourself

Have time to build yourself physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, financially, etc. Do something you love and live your life. Concentrate on building a better version of youself. This will help you to be more emotionally balanced.

“A long distance relationship can give you more time to focus on building up other aspects of your life, while your relationship continues to grow as well to deal with long distance relationship



  • Gossip Together

Are you surprised? haha. Study shows that gossip can create a safe and conducive moment between you two. It strengthens your communication bond.



  • Get Something Doing

Try to be independent. Being busy will help you to get distracted a little bit. Build your career, pursue your academics and follow your passion. Just keep yourself occupied with something positive and valuable, no matter how little it is. Make sure to set goals for yourself and try to achieve them, it will help you a lot.



  • Stay Away From Compromising Situations

Avoid putting yourself in a dangerous situation. Do not do things that will make your partner  doubt your love and integrity. Never you create a suspicious environment around you.



  • Send Gifts to Your Long Distance Partner

managing your long distance relationship through love and gift

Sending love to my long distance partner


Buy things for your partner. Send things across to each other. No matter what it is or how little it is. Just make sure your partner is getting something from you. Receiving something from your partner keeps your love burning and strengthens the bond irrespective of the distance between you.


  • Pay Less Attention To What People Say

Listen less to what people say. Remember that listening to side talks is a threat to your relationship. Always think of the harm it will cause to your relationship. Choose to discuss everything with your partnerandthat is why you need to live an open communication life



  • Visit Each Other From Time to Time

Always create time to visit each other. The physical contact is very important no matter how much you are enjoying online love, #smile. Plan it according to your schedules and income.


  • Pray Together

The last but certainly not the least. Create time to say some words of prayer together. Who else noticed the connection you feel when you pray with your partner? The bond is magical. Aside praying together always pray for your partner at your own time.




The easiest way to be happy is to create your own happiness. Long distance relationship can work perfectly if only you can manage it very well. Do not think that it will not work because you are not together. Carry your partner along in your daily activities.

You are only physically apart, don’t let your hearts be apart as well. So many people have been asking “can a long distance relationship work? If yes, how can I make my long distance relationship work? Do not allow long distance to quench the fire in your relationship. Simply put all the 24 easy ways discussed above into practice and you will see your long distance relationship flourish.

Let us quickly have a look at the points we’ve discussed:

  1. Be Sure this is What You Want
  2. Have Open Communication
  3. Define Your Relationship
  4. Trust Your Partner
  5. Do Some Things Together
  6. Minimize Your Communication
  7. Be Sure You Feel Secure in Your Long Distance Relationship
  8. Respect Each Other’s Feelings
  9. Support Each Other
  10. Communicate Regularly
  11. Know Each Other’s Schedules
  12. Flirt With Your Partner
  13. Stay Honest
  14. Follow On Social Media
  15. See the Positive Side of It
  16. Control Your Emotions
  17. Send love letters
  18. Gossip Together
  19. Get something doing
  20. Stay Away from Compromising Situations
  21. Buy Things for Your Partner
  22. Pay Less Attention To What People Say
  23. Visit Each Other From Time to Time
  24. Pray Together

These are the easiest ways you can manage your long distance relationship and keep the spark in your relationship alive.

Hope this was helpful. Share other easy ways to manage a long distance relationship with us on the comment box.

Much love from me to you.

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