50 Signs of a Toxic Relationship to be Aware of

Signs of a toxic relationship are numerous to mention or analyze. How can you identify a toxic relationship when you see one? 

Now, let us talk about these 50 signs of a toxic relationship you should never ignore. 

As we all know – no relationship is perfect, just as no one or situation is. Every relationship has its ups and downs but a good relationship is meant to complement you, make you feel happy and secure. Read how to enjoy a healthy relationship


A toxic relationship, on the other hand, makes you cry, feel drained and puts you through constant torture.

You are in a toxic relationship if you are constantly seeing these signs.


Is a Toxic Relationship Fixable?

The answer is yes until it becomes unfixable. How do I mean? Every relationship is worth fighting for until you see there is no need fighting, anymore. Read how you can fix your relationship


Why should you look out for these toxic signs? It is important for you to be aware of these signs of a toxic relationship so you can spot it early enough in your relationship.

Sign of a toxic relationship

Some people ignore these red flags until it is too late to handle. The earlier they are spotted the easier it is to fix them.


Let us take a look at these signs of a toxic relationship:


Your Relationship is a Constant Roller Coaster

You cannot count how many times you have been happy without counting how many times you have cried. It is always one-day happiness and two days of sadness.


You See Yourself Happier without Your Partner

You feel new or fresh whenever you are away from your partner. The presence of your partner chokes you. You know you are happier without them.


No One Talks about How You Feel

How you feel is very irrelevant in your relationship – your partner does not care about your feelings or what is going on with you. You feel lonely in your relationship.




More Negativity than Positivity

Your relationship is full of negative vibes. There is so much bitterness everywhere. You can’t remember the last time you laughed with your partner or had fun time together. 


Your Self-esteem is being Crushed Each Day

Being constantly maltreated can damage your self-esteem. It can reduce you to start feeling as if you are nothing. Read how to deal with insecurity and low self-esteem


Threatening to Leave You

It is a sign of a toxic relationship if your partner is constantly threatening of leaving you. You don’t even know where you stand because you have this constant fear that your relationship might end at any time.


You are always The One Forgiving

There is nothing wrong with being the bigger person in your relationship because we all know, it takes maturity to forgive.

But when you are the only who always forgives while your partner constantly does the opposite – can never forgive you for any slightest mistake then, you are heading to somewhere not pleasant.


Constant argument as a sign of a toxic relationship

Constant Fights

Another sign of a toxic relationship is when your relationship is like a battlefield. You are always fighting with your partner – you fight over the slighted things.

Sometimes, you can’t even explain the reason for the fight. You can fight over something as silly as, the meal to choose from a menu. Anything is capable of igniting a serious fight, always.




You are being Extremely Careful

You are constantly walking on an eggshell. This is a relationship where you are scared of expressing yourself, your dissatisfactions, anger or emotions. You are not just yourself, you are living a lie. 


Lack of Intimacy

You are watching your intimate life dying gradually. Do not ignore this one because it is a sign of a toxic relationship. You or your partner does not feel attracted to each other anymore or you have never been.



Verbal Abuse

Abuse is not necessarily only when they hit you. Do you know that your partner can abuse you verbally and reduce you to a piece of trash? It can make you become a shadow of yourself. 



You are Emotionally Drained

Feeling drained is one big sign of a toxic relationship, it will drain you emotionally, physically, psychologically even spiritually. A toxic relationship will literally leave you exhausted. 



Constant criticism, especially in a very negative way can ruin your happiness and destroy your self-esteem. This is a sign of a toxic relationship. Partners that engage in this will definitely destroy themselves and their relationships.




Distance between You

You never spend time together whether in public or in private. The distance between the two of you is very visible even to the blind. You are obviously avoiding each other. 

Passive Aggression

Anytime someone or any situation upsets your partner, it bounces back at you. You bear the consequences for every other person’s offence. 


Physical Abuse

What other sign of a toxic relationship is more than this one? You are in a very serious toxic relationship whenever your relationship results to physical violent. This is unhealthy for anyone. 


Disagreement on Major Issues

You never come to an agreement on most of important issues about your relationship. 


You are Blamed for Everything

Everything that goes wrong in your relationship is always your fault. You are being blamed for your partner’s mistakes, misbehaviours and all the misfortunes in your lives and relationship.


Trying to Change You

They don’t appreciate who you are. You are to be like the other person or make some certain changes to yourself before you can be accepted. They don’t love you for you.




Manipulating you

They are being nice when they need you and they use you to scale through or to get what they want.

You will not see them being nice to you again until they need you again. They will use apologies and gifts to get back into your good side again. 


Bad Attitude towards People around You

Everyone around is termed bad. It is a bad sign if your partner has a very bad attitude towards all the people in your life, for example, your friends, family and/or colleagues. 




Threatening to share some private or vital information about you with people. Your partner might also be threatening you to do things you are not comfortable with.

Blackmail might be physical, financial or even emotional, for example, threatening to commit suicide if you leave. 



Lack of Trust

Any relationship without trust is standing on a timed bomb – it will explode before you know it. You do not trust each other’s words or actions. 



Bad Temperament

Dealing with a partner with bad temperament could be very toxic.



Lack of Communication

The importance of communication in a relationship can never be over-emphasized. A relationship that is lacking adequate communication is surely suffering. 



Not Supporting Your Goals

You feel alone in your relationship. Your partner has literally no interest in your life, career or goals.

You can’t even discourse your dreams with your partner because they are not interested and can never be of a support to you.






Lack of Respect

There should be a mutual respect because respect is the bedrock of every healthy and happy relationship.

There is nothing to hold unto anymore if you lose respect for yourself or your relationship. 




You always make Excuses for Your Partner

Deep inside of you; you know it is not true that you are just covering up. Do you always make excuses for your partner for being a jerk?

You make excuses for their irrational attitude, rudeness towards you, abuse and irresponsible behavior. 



Extreme Jealousy

A little jealousy is healthy but an extremely jealous partner will drive you crazy. An extremely jealous partner is super controlling, manipulating and possessive.

This can literally make your life miserable as everything you do are questioned. Your partner can go as far as accusing you of flirting or even cheating, it is a sign of a toxic relationship. 



Hiding Things from Your Partner

There are so many secrets in your relationship – a lot of skeletons are hidden in your cupboard. One day, those piles of secrets will explode and there will be no place to hide anymore. 



Public Ridicule

Your partner makes a caricature of you even in the public places. You have lost the little dignity you have left.

Your partner makes mockery of you with friends or family without minding how that will make you feel, even if it comes out as a joke. 





You always ask for Permission

You need permission before you can do anything. No matter how little or simple you think it is, you just do not have the right to do it without asking for your partners permission and whatsoever they say is final.

It is more of a prison than a relationship. 


Your Partner makes You Feel Bad about Yourself

Your partner do not seem to see anything good in you or in what you do. Rejection and depression is written all over you. You feel awful about yourself – worthless. 




The Thought of Breaking Up gives You a Relieve

You feel a bit relieve whenever you imagine leaving the relationship. The imagination of breaking up lightens your mood and you usually visualize your breakup and praying for the day it will come to pass. 





Your Partner brings out The Worst in You

Partners are supposed to complement each other but when you are in a toxic relationship the reverse becomes the case.

You are always pushed to exhibit your worst behaviors. There is no space for improvement or adjustment in your relationship. 




People are Complaining You are not Yourself Anymore

Sometimes, people could be your mirror. They see you the way you might not be able to see yourself especially, your close family members or/and friends.




You can’t Concentrate at Work

Toxic relationship affects every aspect of your life. It does not just drain you at home, it follows you to work. You lose absolute concentrate on whatsoever you are doing. 




You are always Fearful You are Doing Something Wrong

You are standing on your toes, no confident, nor security – living in constant fear of yourself.

Scared of how to eat, speak, laugh, sleep, even how to breathe so you won’t offend your partner. 





Interested only on Sex

No connection or whatsoever between you. Either, it has never been there or you lost it along the line.

You are together just as sex mates – that is the only thing between the two of you. After sex, each person goes their own separate ways. 




Constant Anger

There is always an anger build-up between the two of you. Your partner always lashes out anger on you whether you are the cause or not. 




Imbalance Relationship

You will know if you are in an imbalance relationship – you will feel it. How will you know?  When you are the only one that cares about the success of the relationship.

You are the only one keeping the union going, sacrificing and compromising. Your partner seems less concerned and really do not care if the relationship crashes or not.

You are always apologizing and begging for your partner’s love. 





Controlling You

It seems like it is a one-man show, like whatsoever that person says stands. You do not have a say in any decision.

They are the ones making every decisions. You are literally on a lock and your partner holds the key. 




Messy Dramas

Your relationship is full of dramas, unpleasant events always unfolding. You are just going from one messy situation to another – nonstop.



You Feel Trapped

Do you feel committed to your partner or you are in the relationship because you do not have a choice?

This is a sign to show you are in a toxic relationship because a toxic relationship makes you feel like you are trapped and there is no way out. 






Your relationship is full of uncertainty, very volatile and unstable. You are not sure how and when it will end. Every day seems as if it will be the last day. 



Divorce is one of the signs of a toxic relationship


Constant Misunderstanding

There is no understanding between the two of you – you argue over everything. It is always from one argument to another. You can never agree on anything no matter how little it is.  







You partner cuts you off from all your support systems, for example; your family and friends.

It is a sign of a toxic relationship if your partner keeps you away from your friends, family and associates. 

Some partners do this so you can be at their mercy when they want to deal with you. 







Some people are in constant competition with their partners. Your partner is not supposed to be your competitor rather you should be supporting and motivating each other. 





Extreme Possessiveness

Being extreme possessive can signal danger in your relationship. When your partner forbids you from interacting with people or living your life.





Making you feel inferior. They use every opportunity that passes by to show you that they know more than you, earn more than you and worth more than you. You will just feel sorry for yourself. 




These signs of a toxic relationship are most of the times very visible for us to see but we usually shut our eyes and minds from seeing them.


We can save ourselves from so many heartaches if we can pay close attention to these warning signs on time before things get out of hands.


No relationship crashes over night – it only takes our ignorance, neglect or fear for all the red flags to persist until it reaches its breaking point.


Do not ignore if you notice any of these signs of a toxic relationship in your life or that of your partner. 


If you constantly keep absorbing all the toxins produced by your toxic relationship – it will keep on draining you and will eventually drive you insane if you do nothing is done about it.


Let’s take a quick recap of the signs of a toxic relationship:

Remember a toxic relationship is fixable if you take action on time. 

  1.  Your relationship is a roller coaster

  2. You see yourself happier without your partner

  3. No one talks about how you feel

  4. More negativity than positivity

  5. Your Self-esteem is being crushed each day

  6. Threatening to leave you

  7. You are the one always forgiving

  8. Constant fights

  9. You are being extremely careful

  10. Lack of intimacy

  11. Verbal abuse

  12. You are emotionally drained

  13. Criticism

  14. Distance between you

  15. Passive aggression

  16. Physical abuse

  17. Disagreement on major issues

  18. You are blamed for everything

  19. Trying to change you

  20. Manipulating you

  21. Bad attitude towards the people around you

  22. Blackmail

  23. Lack of trust

  24. Bad temperament

  25. Lack of communication

  26. Not supporting your goals

  27. Lack of respect

  28. You always make excuses for your partner

  29. Extreme jealousy

  30. You hide things from your partner

  31. Public ridicule

  32. You always ask for permission

  33. Your partner make you feel bad about yourself

  34. The thought of breaking up gives you a relieve

  35. Your partner brings out the worst in you

  36. People are complaining you are not yourself anymore

  37. You can’t concentrate at work

  38. You are always fearful you are doing something wrong

  39. Interested only on sex

  40. Constant anger

  41. Imbalance relationship

  42. Controlling you

  43. Messy dramas

  44. You feel trapped

  45. Uncertainty

  46. Constant misunderstanding

  47. Isolation

  48. Competition

  49. Extreme Possessiveness

  50. Belittling


I hope you gained something from here as much as I did, trust me, I did. 


Show me some love – it took me a lot to put this together, so feel free to comment and share the post.

I wish you the very best in your relationship.

Much love from me to you. 



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