Diary of a Strong Woman: The Unseen Tears

We all have our own idea of what a strong woman means to us. You might be looking at the physical strength, her social or financial status.


All those make a strong woman but my emphasis on today’s topic will be focusing on her inner strength.

This is the aspect that gives her the ability to conquer all the other factors.


A strong woman; the world expects so much from her. She is perceived to be perfect even though she is not.


A strong woman in relationship star blog


No one knows the pains she is going through, no one sees her tears because she bears them all. She is confident, bold, tough, elegant and carries herself with charisma. 


The world expects her not to cry complain nor breakdown when she is overwhelmed with her problems, because she is a strong woman.

She is also assumed not to need any shoulder to lean on nor someone to talk to in her darkest nights because she is a strong woman.



Yes! She is strong; so many said she was born strong but all she can remember is how life taught her how to be strong. She was exposed to the most daring and challenging circumstances. #Life. 


She was almost crushed but she survived; yes, she made it. Her pillows are soaked with tears at night yet her face glows with a beautiful smile in the morning; a strong woman. 




Everyone tends to bombard her with their individual problems yet her challenges are staring at her, face to face, burning her heart and melting her soul. 


She derives joy from within her because she taught herself how to be happy against all odds. Who sees the tears of a strong woman or knows her pains?



She built her inner strength by not looking for societal validation, social media acceptance or what the world thinks.


She defined her own strength, taught herself how to stop tears, how to be calm, how to handle difficult situations, how to stay strong at work and home and how to stay mentally strong and balanced.


Relationship star blog


She is easily misunderstood, been hurt, rejected, abandoned and heartbroken yet, she has never stopped loving, caring or being tender-hearted even to the ones that hurt her most.


This is the diary of a strong woman; she smiles in her hard times and goes out of her way to help others.


A strong woman in relationship star blog


She is the envy of many even though they do not understand her journey. She carries her burden as if it is nothing and makes it seem so light. No one understands her. 


In her nature; She does not bring others down to feel good which is a sign of Insecurity. Learn how to deal with insecurity or low self-esteem

She focuses on what is important such as striving to be better than her former self.


A courageous woman


She is not scared of challenges; in fact, she challenges herself. The fears in her mind do not scare her, she does not let them subdue or overcome her.

No matter how many times she falls, she will surely stand again.


I give it up to you, yes; you! Keep being you and keep being strong. Do not give up on yourself because you are all you have got.


Strong and brave


Stay strong, stay calm and stay focused. Continue being a strong woman, your type is rare to find, you are one in a million, you are original and you are you!



Special dedication to every strong woman out there. I celebrate you all because you deserve it.


Feel free to comment and share to every strong woman you know. Make them feel better by recognizing them. 

Much love from me to you. 

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Author: Faith Oge

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