Heart 2 Heart With Me

Welcome to my free counseling section. Remember, everything discussed in here is treated with high confidentiality. We are extremely discrete with your information.

My name is Faith Oge, the CEO of this blog. I am a relationship expert. I’ve been through most of the things you’re going through, so I know where and how it hurts.

Relationship affects virtually every other aspect of our lives directly or indirectly. That is why we must be ahead of it so it won’t ruin our happiness.

Most times when we find that special someone, it feels like a sweet dream, we should never wake up from, but when things fall apart, it feel as if our walls are crumbling.

At that moment, we become very vulnerable and might lose focus. All we need at that point is a good fellow to talk to, and that’s why I am here for you. To listen to you and provide you with the best guide and advice you could ever needed.

Am here behind this form. Talk to me!