How to Deal with Insecurity: 15 Best Guides

This post is going to lead you step by step on how to deal with insecurity and low self-esteem.

Do you want to learn how to deal with insecurity? If yes, then, this post is personally meant for you. This is a comprehensive post that comprises of all the different kinds of insecurity.


Here, I talked about everything patterning insecurity and the tips on how to deal with it.

They are ranging from relationships to looks, jobs, personal and other forms of insecurity.


Feeling of insecurity makes you feel unworthy or inadequate in some way.


It is normal to feel a bit unsure about yourself or something else once in a while  but certainly not okay when it becomes too much.


Note: feeling of insecurity is not related to your social, marital or financial status. Anybody can experience it.



Feeling Insecure Meaning

Feeling of insecurity meaning
Personal insecurity

First, what is feeling insecure? Let’s see how can we define it; Insecurity can simply be defined as a feeling of nervousness that is being triggered when you begin to see yourself as inferior in one way or the other.


It’s also a state of feeling unstable or vulnerable in a way that threatens your self -esteem.



Does Everybody Have an Insecurity?

The answer is yes! Insecurity is something that almost everyone deals with at one point or the other in life althoug not at the same level.


Some people experience it virtually in every aspect of their lives while others experience it only at some points.


Don’t be too hard on yourself if you are going through this because we all experience it in some way.


The truth is that, there’s always something that worries us and makes us feel a bit insecure, no matter how great things are going for us.



What are the Signs of Insecurity?

Look out for these signs in yourself or others. These signs are particularly for chronic cases.

Although, we all experience insecurity at some point or the other, some people are dealing with a chronic case.


Some of the signs for chronic insecurity are as follow:

  1. Insecure People are negative people.
  2. Their insecurity make them very unbearable.
  3. They do not feel comfortable being themselves.
  4. People with insecurity always put others down just to feel good about themselves.
  5. Most of the times, they are threatened by other people’s achievements, looks, confidence, relationships, etc.
  6. They usually feel like everyone hates them or gossiping about them.
  7. Insecure people do not feel comfortable being themselves, so they always try to become anyone else (copy cats).


A confident person does not need to put others down just to feel good.



Root Causes of Insecurity

People suffer insecurity for different reasons. In other words, there is no particular or specific cause of insecurity.


That is to say that, so many factors can lead one to a chronic feeling of insecurity and some of these factors are listed below:

  1. Past traumatic events.
  2. Failure.
  3. Negative childhood experience.
  4. Social anxiety.
  5. Peer influence.
  6. Quest for perfection.
  7. Critical parent.
  8. DivorceDivorce leads to insecurity. Learn how to deal with insecurity
  9. Abusive partner
  10. Rejection
  11. Loneliness
  12. Negative belief about yourself
  13. Heartbreak. Read how to deal with your heartbreak




What are The Effects of Insecurity?

  1. Insecurity can lead to depression
  2. Other nervous disorders
  3. Socially withdrawn
  4. Feeling unsafe




How to Deal with Personal Insecurity

Loving yourself to deal with insecurity
I love me

Fight your insecurity if you don’t want to be one of the 21 types of people to stay away from


These are the simplest and surest guides on how to deal with your personal insecurity:

  1. First, you must accept that you have insecurity.
  2. Identify the origin: Identify your insecurity, where it originated from and tackle it. Check if it’s from your past experience or someone close to you criticizing you.
  3. Have a self check up: Why are you feeling insecure? Analyze and evaluate yourself to find out if these things are real. 
  4. Stay away from people you feel insecure around.
  5. Accept yourself for who you are: You must accept yourself no matter what your reasons are for feeling the way you do. Come to terms with your reality and figure yourself out.
  6. Understand there is no one like you.
    How to deal with insecurity is by accepting yourself
    Overcome your insecurity

    Stop comparing yourself with others. Your race and fight differs.

  7. Learn how to trust yourself: You must trust yourself before you can improve. 
  8. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good.
  9. Get yourself occupied with something that you love like a job, school, skill, etc.
  10. Face your own fear and fight it.
  11. Pay attention to your strength.
  12. Believe in yourself.
  13. Stop paying attention to your imaginations.
  14. Forget about your past.
  15. Celebrate your successes
  16. Above all and most importantly; love yourself.




How Not to Feel Insecure about Your Look


Overcome the insecurity of your look

There are different forms of insecurity. Some people feel insecure about their body or how they look; you are not alone if you fall under this category.


I will give you few tips on how to deal with insecurity about your look.

All you have to do is to follow these few steps:

  1.  Define yourself or your body in a way that makes you feel comfortable.
  2. Get rid of the social media definition of beauty: You do not have to look any particular way to be considered beautiful or handsome.
  3. Feel good in your own skin.
  4. Change the things you can about yourself and leave the ones you can’t.
  5. Appreciate your look and don’t let anyone intimidate you.
  6. Avoid the people that make you feel less.
  7. Appreciate yourself and show yourself some love.

    Overcoming insecurity by loving yourself in relationship star blog
    Love yourself
  8. Pay attention to your body and identify that special thing in you.




Relationship Insecurity Symptoms

Some people are insecure without even noticing but worry not because I will show you the easiest way out on how to deal with insecurity.


How will you know if you are insecure in your relationship? The answer is simple; if you find yourself doing any of the things listed below:

  1. Always in a competition with other couples.
  2. You are constantly worrying either your partner is interested in someone else or someone else is interested in your partner.
  3. When you are feeling not good enough for your partner.
  4. If you are constantly seeking your partner’s approval.
  5. You are always scared of losing your partner.
  6. Constantly worrying if your partner still finds you attractive.
  7. Not sure if your relationship will last.
  8. If you are consumed with this excessive jealousy
  9. Feeling paranoid.
  10. In fact, insecurity is a constant panicking.


The signs are not limited to those listed above but, those are the most significant.

Exhibiting these signs can drive your partner crazy if he/she is not patient.


Still, the good news is that there is a solution. Continue scrolling down, the easiest solution on how to deal with insecurity in a relationship has been listed.




What Causes Insecurity in a Relationship?

So many things can cause insecurity in a relationship, some of them are:

  1. Personal insecurity or low self-esteem
  2. Abusive partner

    Causes of insecurity in a relationship
    Fear and abuse
  3. Fear.
  4. Critic partner.



Can Insecurity Ruin a Relationship?

The answer is yes and that is the simple truth.

Feelings of insecurity is a big threat to your relationship. It can be very destructive.


A relationship with an insecure partner is an unhealthy one. It will collapse in a long run if nothing is done about it.


The truth is that, feeling insecure can push your partner away from you or make you both very unhappy.






How to Deal with Insecurity in a Relationship


How to deal with insecurity in a relationship
Love, listen and care

Here, I will lead you through on how to deal with insecurity in a relationship. It is high time you started dealing with this insecurity.


Since, we have established the fact that, it is not healthy to your relationship, so, it is better you face now.

Remember that your insecurity can suffocate your partner.

Practicing these few steps will help you to get rid of your insecurity and save your relationship from crashing:

  1. Do not compare your relationship to others.
  2. Focus on your positive strength.
  3. Take your mind away from social media couples.
  4. Discuss your insecurity with your partner
  5. Build your self-esteem.
  6. Find out the root cause of your insecurity
  7. Trust yourself and your partner. Trusting your ability will help you in dealing with insecurity
  8. Stop over thinking.
  9. Give your partner some space.
  10. Let go of the negative relationship experiences of the past.
  11. Listen to how your partner feel about you.
  12. Try to be independent

    Do what you love to deal with insecurity
    Do what you love





Insecure Partner

It is a whole lot of work if you have an insecure partner or if you are the insecure one.

You will spend all your days trying to figure out where you went wrong or what you did.

He/she will always act as a victim, no matter what you say or do. This is out of experience; you will keep on explaining yourself all the time.


How to know if your partner is feeling insecure:

  1. He/she is always scared of losing you
  2. Never sees himself/herself to be good enough
  3. He/she sees you as a competition (this is mostly common with men)
  4. Your success scares him/her
  5. Super aggressive
  6. Extreme controlling behaviour
  7. He/she worries over not being good enough in bed
  8. Constantly seeking for your approval/compliment
  9. Sees negativity in every situation





How to Deal with Insecure Husband

 Every problem has a solution. Good news is that you can help him to deal with his insecurity and become the man you want him to be.

Follow these simple tips and rebuild him:

  1. Talk with him: Help him to find the root cause.
  2. Understand his insecurity
  3. Support him.
  4. Care for him.
  5. Put yourself in his shoes.
  6. Accept him for whom he is.

    I love you in how to deal with insecurity
    Show him love
  7. Show him compassion.
  8. Don’t try to change him.


All the above mentioned will work only when he accepts and puts in effort to rebuild himself.

How to Deal with Insecure Wife

Try to learn how to overcome insecurity in relationship star blog
Build her confidence

It is your duty to help your woman regain her confidence if she has insecurity issue. Dealing with an insecure woman could be very frustrating.


How can she believe you when she doesn’t believe herself?

You spend all your time explaining yourself, what you said or did, where you go and everything.


Confidence is the sexiest apparel you can wear.


These are easy ways you can help her regain her real self:

  1. Listen: Be the ear she needs. Make it convenient for her to discuss her insecurity with you
  2. Let her know that you love her regardless by helping her to find the root of her insecurity.
  3. Reassure her of her special qualities and inner beauty

    Staying beautiful. A perfect way to overcome insecurity
    You’re beautiful
  4. Ask her how you can be of help to her in dealing with her insecurity.
  5. Do take her out from time to time to some special places and occasions.
  6. Build an open communication life with her.
  7. Show her how much you need her in your life.





Professional Insecurity: How to Deal with Insecurity at Work

  1. The first thing to do is to reorganized yourself.
  2. Take things one at a time.
  3. Pay more attention to details. This will help you to avoid some unnecessary mistakes.
  4. Do not procrastinate.
  5. Think like your boss.
  6. Build a strong and healthy relationship with your colleagues.
  7. Be punctual.
  8. Do not work to be perfect but try to be accurate.
  9. Give yourself time to rest.


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In conclusion, insecurity is unattractive for both men and women.


Find out the exact area of your insecurity. Do you know that you can be supper confident about your job but insecure about your look?


Same way you might not have personal insecurity but you have relationship insecurity. Discover where your fear lies and deal with it.


But most often, one’s insecurity can rub into every aspects of your life.


Your insecurity takes away from you more than you gain.


Beating and condemning yourself will never help you to do any better.


I have detailed almost all the different types and how to deal with insecurity in this post.


The tips on how to deal with insecurity that I have listed here are very easy and simple to follow.


Build a better and confidence you.

Let us have a quick recap of the key points we treated; they are:

  1. Feeling Insecure Meaning

  2. Does Everybody have Insecurity?

  3. What are The Signs of Insecurity?

  4. What are The Root Causes of Insecurity?

  5. What are the Effects of Insecurity?

  6. How to Deal with Personal Insecurity

  7. How Not to Feel insecure About Your Look

  8. Relationship Insecurity Symptoms

  9. What Causes Insecurity in a Relationship?

  10. Can Insecurity Ruin a Relationship?

  11. How to Deal with Insecurity in a Relationship

  12. Insecure Partner

  13. How to Deal with Insecure Husband

  14. How to Deal with Insecure Wife

  15.  Professional Insecurity: How to Deal with Insecurity at Work


I hope this post helps you to deal with your insecurity of any kind and brings out the confidence that lies inside of you.


Share other tips on how to deal with insecurity with us in case I missed any one.


Lastly, I will say; enjoy your life, live your dreams, believe in yourself and fight your fears.


Regain your confidence by practicing all the tips we discussed above on how to deal with insecurity.


Please, feel free to share this post.


Much love from me to you.

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