How to Fix A Relationship – 15 Tips with Pictures

How can you fix your relationship that is falling apart? Remember that, no relationship is expected to be rosy at all times.

Sometimes, it will be faced with some threatening challenges but how you handle it, is what determines the fate of your relationship. Take some tips on how to fix your relationship.

If you feel as if your relationship has broken, here are some ways you can try to fix it before calling it a quit.

For you to be seeking for how to fix your relationship that is almost drifting away, means that you still have a little faith in it and wants it to be back to life.

In this post today, we will be discussing how to fix your dying relationship. I will be letting out the most amazing tips to fix your relationship.

To keep a relationship alive is a whole lot of work. There are some responsibilities you must keep to if you want to save your relationship.

Below are the best tips on how to revive your dying relationship:


  • Be Sure That You Want to Fix Your Relationship

Woman thinking about her relationship
A woman thinking of her dying relationship


The first thing to do before trying to fix your relationship is to be very convinced that you still want to be in it. This will help you to put in your very best. Ask yourself this simple question and answer it sincerely; do I really want to fix things with this person? If your genuine answer is yes, then proceed to the next one.




  • Talk About it with All Sincerity

relationship star blog. couples discussing how to fix their relationship
couple discussing how to fix their relationship


Communication is a vital tool in resolving matters and this one is not exceptional. Sit down and have a good talk with your partner, mention that threat you are facing in your relationship. Call it by its name, it has a name; identify this problem by its name. There is a saying; that knowing your problem is a halfway to solving it.




  • Remember What You Loved about Each Other

couple in good mood in their relationship
Remember the good old days


This is someone you were ready to die for, #smile. Think of those things you loved about your partner. What were the things you saw in him/her? Why did you start the relationship in the first place? Those special qualities that always drive you crazy in a positive way.




  • Think about All the Good Parts

couple playing in the kitchen
Couple enjoying their happy moment


Remember all the good times you shared together. All the happy moments, all the laughter. Is this problem worth throwing all of them away? Think about it.




  • To Fix Your Relationship -Apologize Where You’re Wrong


apologize where you are wrong
Say sorry when you’re wrong


There are no needs for dragging issues. If you’re the one who messed up, it’s time you fessed up. kindly apologize for all your wrongs. Accepting you are wrong is a headway to fixing your broken relationship. Avoid being defensive.




  • Accept the Responsibilities and Consequences for Your Actions

rebuild your relationship by accepting your mistakes and the consequences
Accept the responsibility


Remember there is a consequence for every one of our actions. Don’t feel bad if you are to be punished for yours. Accepting the responsibility and being ready to face the consequences will help in fixing your failing relationship.




  • Learn from the Experience

learn from experience in relationship star blog
Learn from your bad experience and grow


It is said that bad times brings experience, it is true. The good thing about the bad times are the things we learn from there because now, you know better.

The mistakes you made before can’t be repeated if you are more careful this time, and that is a good thing if you ask me. You are more experienced, wiser and smarter.




  • Sincerely Forgive Your Partner

couple forgiving each other
Forgiving the other partner


This is exactly what you should do when your partner realizes his/her mistakes and apologizes. Forgiveness is not for the weak but for the brave and strong. It takes a lot of energy to forgive. Do this for yourself and your relationship.




  • Don’t Allow a Third Party to Take Decisions for You

allowing a third party take decisions for you
Listening to a third party


It is better for you to take your own decisions especially in a delicate matter like this one, to avoid regrets and blames in the future. Just as I said in the first tip; you have to be sure that this is what you want to do.

Go ahead and fix your relationship if you want to, don’t let anyone push you to or against it. It’s still up to you if you don’t want to.




  • Control Your Anger when Trying to Fix Your Relationship

control your anger if you must fix your relationship
Control your anger


Do not let your anger take the better part of you. It will destroy the little piece left of it. Learn how to control it especially at this point that your relationship is very vulnerable.

Don’t hurt each other with your words or actions anymore, I know you are a very upset with the whole situation right now and you have every right to be.




  • Spend Some Time Together

couples together
Couple spending time together


Try reviving what you had before, by spending time together. Do some fun things together, things like going for dinner, outing, the things you used to do when you first started dating. Can you imagine the magic the closeness will do for you?




  • Go on Vacation Together

couple on vacation, trying to take care of their relationship that is falling apart
Couple on a vacation


Spending time together outside your home won’t be a bad idea at all. The uniqueness and freshness of a new location, all alone by yourselves will do a great job in fixing your broken relationship.




  • Try to Reach a Compromise

you both might be right. reach a compromise
Try to reach a compromise


Since you have decided to save your failing relationship, you must get ready to reach a compromise. You just have to take some shit and let go of some negative vibes. You both might be right in your own way but try to compromise a little.




  • Take Some Time Apart for a While

try spending some time apart
A woman spending some time alone


This option is highly recommended if the heat between you two is too much to handle. Take some time apart if you are feeling very overwhelmed and exhausted as a result of too much drama going on and you can’t take it anymore.

Sometimes, it could be very crazy going through a failing relationship, it could drive you nut. The best thing is to stay apart for a while. This period will give you time to think things through. You might end up running back into each other’s arms.




  • Seek Advice from Professionals.

talking with a professional will help you fix your relationship
Discussing with a professional

The last but not the least, I chose this one as the last tip because there are some issues you can take care of on your own without involving any professional.

But if you apply all that I mentioned above and your relationship is still not fixed, then, you really need to see a professional for help. It is most preferably going together with your partner.



  • Fixing a Relationship Quotes

Don’t be in a rush to call it a quit, always think it through

Remember when you wanted what you currently have

There is nothing as sweet as to love and be loved

True love is persistence

There is no partnership if there is no connection

True love stories never end

Find happiness from within not from your partner

Every relationship Comes with its challenges, how you handle it is what matters.


  • Conclusion

The survival of your relationship lies in your hands, if you want it to work, you have to work on it. You have to bury every obstacle, if you are really, still interested in fixing your relationship.

You can’t keep on being your own enemy. Check out this post and add more spice to your relationship or marriage

This is my candid advice; try as much possible as you can to work hand in hand with your partner, one person can not smoothly run a relationship.

Remember, do not take an important decision in your life when you are angry.

Let us quickly remind ourselves the best tips on how to fix a relationship as discuss earlier:

  1. Be sure that you want to fix your relationship

  2. Talk about it with all sincerity

  3. Remember what you loved about each other

  4. Think about all the good parts

  5. Apologize when you are wrong

  6. Accept the responsibilities and consequences for your actions

  7. Learn from the experience

  8. Sincerely forgive your partner

  9. Don’t allow a third party to take decision for you

  10. Control your anger when trying to fix your relationship

  11. Spend some time together

  12. Go on a vacation

  13. Try to reach a compromise

  14. Take some time apart for a while

  15. Seek advice from professionals.

This is my take; any relationship that didn’t work after putting all the above tips into practice, should really take a break.

It’s better to be alone and happy than to be with someone and be miserable.

Before we end today’s topic, I want you to put this thing in your mind; you can’t run a happy relationship without a compromise. You must let some things to slide. It must not always be the way you want it.

Finally, try to be a little attentive to what your partner is saying, show concern and compassion. Build a basic level of trust in your relationship, in this way, you can easily fix your relationship from falling apart. See also, 12 THINGS THAT CAN RUIN YOUR RELATIONSHIP

Please, go ahead and tell us any other way to fix a relationship that is drifting away, in case I didn’t mention it here.

I’ve actually learnt something from this post, I hope you have too. 

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Much love from me to you.

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