Do not come here and make noise in my ears on how your husband left you for another woman. Now if you want to know how to make him to fall deeply in love with you and stay by your side, take care of the following points. Let us learn together from an experienced man if you’re interested in knowing how to make your man fall deeply in love with you:

Written by Bishop Kelechi Augustine and edited by Faith Oge.

how to make your man fall deeply in love with you

make your man fall deeply in love with you



Not just opening your teeth wide. Don’t greet him with a frowning, don’t hide in your room and pretend you didn’t know he is home. Don’t attack this man at the gate with a list of things to do or a quarrel because of things he didn’t do well.

Allow him warm access into the home. Have a different surprise for him as a welcome pack. Drop your phone and find out how his journey was. And make him glad to be home.


Whether a tie, a belt, a shirt or a wristwatch. Something that each time he wears it, he will think of you more. There are little things that cost less that can make your man feel on top of the world.

Men love it when that special woman makes them look good and smell good. Yes, we men we love it like that. Don’t be too selfish. If you can save to buy your clothes from what you receive, then save a little to buy something for your man.

Do it for us, we will be happy, not when another woman does it you will start ranting and looking for a fight. Because whether you like it or not if you refuse to do it, hmm, there are some agents that must do it and life goes on. Do something that will make your man fall deeply in love with you.



Any man will be humbled by this and fall deeply in love with you. Stop cursing your husband oh. Stop calling him a stupid man. Praise him in the presence of your child/children. Do not condemn the father of your children before them.

Its effect will be dangerous in their lives. Don’t condemn your own husband before your family members. If you destroy his honour, you have broken your crown. It can only matter later in life when you cannot get your family to respect him again.

No wise woman will tolerate any insult on her husband no matter the matter. Say to your children “Your dad is really amazing” and “such a great man. Make them know their father is the best no matter the fight between you two. He will feel more secure and in charge at home. Men love praises because it raises their ego and libido and makes them better men.


Make sure you do this. Straighten his tie. Offer to not only unbuckle his belt when undressing him to make love but also to buckle it when he is dressing up to go out. This shows you love him for more than sex.

If u are not at home, tell him to send u his pictures to see how he looks before he goes out of the house. Don’t allow another woman to do these oh, hmm okay oh. This is how to make your man fall deeply in love with you.



Send messages to his phone telling him something special like “I am proud to be yours”, “There’s no other man I would rather be with. Even in your errors, you are still the boss. A man in love wants to get that from the one he is in love with and will make your man fall deeply in love with you. Never compare him with your ex, it’s risky.

Don’t compare his manhood with that of your ex. Appreciate his own. Telling your husband about your ex and magnifying your ex in his domain will ruin your relationship and make him see you as nothing.


Any book you perceives will make him a great man. A book on politics, governance, business, inspirational, spiritual growth or marriage, whatever his interests or needs are. This shows him you are concerned about his growth. Never argue with him for so long, you will not win because of his ego but with wisdom and calmness, you may have your way.

Never push matters so strong on him, he will see you as an opponent and he will descend so strong on you. It could be dangerous when a man feels challenged by his wife and worst if it’s a constant thing.


Ask him when he is free and give him a special treat. Dates are not only for the men to plan. If he doesn’t take you on a date teach him by doing it. No matter how strong a man may look he remains a baby in the arms of a caring wife.

If you doubt me watch the lion out when he is sick with little fever and when he has something bothering him, you will see the little boy in him. Pamper him, that’s just all the baby boy needs to be the man a few minutes later. This will make your man fall deeply in love.

Sometimes, find out his favourite meal and prepare it often without him asking. Sit down and eat with him. Men get close to the one they eat with. Tell him you have been starving waiting just to eat with him even if you have to eat a little but keep dipping your hands with his. Kiss his cheek. Yes, the kiss on the lips is the most important; but there is something innocent and assuring about a kiss on the cheek. Men plant a kiss on their wives forehead its a sign of confidence and cover.

how to make your man deeply in love with you

kiss on the forehead: make him fall deeply in love



If there is one thing a woman is good at, it’s organization. Be that wife/woman he confesses to ..”I don’t know what I would do without you. With you in my life, everything falls into place”. A woman that is not organized will disorganize the man and the home. Plan with him. Most times, men do their things but find out what he is doing and help him. If he can win your confidence then he will keep no secret from you.

Don’t dress up so well when you leave the house yet dress poorly when privately with him. Your greatest focus should be to appeal to his eyes in private and public. Always seduce this man. Be neat in and out. It’s wrong to appear clean before visitors but smells when you are with him.

Tell him to your hairstyle and wears sometimes. Ask him to pass your make up box to you. Let him watch you dress and ask him to watch you. Hold this man and don’t let him be far from you.

Lovingly ask him for help occasionally even when you can do it by yourself. Men love to feel needed, make him feel like a hero. Call him to join you in the kitchen and put some meat and fish in his mouth and ask him to taste for salt and spices. Sometimes hang some things on top of the cardboard and ask him to carry you up to pick it. Twist yourself while he does that. Try and play with the situation. It always tells him my wife loves me and needs me around her.



Don’t fight them. Show him that you know your position in his life and that you are above his friends to compete with them. Don’t withdraw from them, Be so much part of him even in his relationships. make appearances boldly that will make his friends affirm to him how he is blessed to have you. Make friends with his female friends then you will be in charge. Stand your position as the woman of the house and remain in charge as the only queen in his empire.

It’s only a man that knows the queen of his heart. If you know yourself and occupy your real place in his heart there will be no need to panic because the pendulum must always fall rightly. No matter how much he hangs out, he comes back home to you. When you lose your confidence to an inferiority complex, you will see every situation in a negative angle and you end up frustrated. A frustrated woman is a torn on her own flesh and on the flesh of everyone. At the end of the day, you fight a lost battle. Win with your character not your attacks.



Let him know that you believe in his ability to find a solution when he feels stuck or when storms come. You may not give him advice always because there are times he will never be in the mood to listen to anyone, but just this confidence in him will inspire him. Most men can argue against any point you raised because of their nature. Do not force any matter on him. But you can always voice out your opinions intelligently not with fighting and still let him know you have confidence in his wisdom and ability to handle things.

Most men may disagree with you when talking but when they sleep over it on their own they come to terms with you. But don’t force them. If eventually, he fails just because he didn’t listen to you, don’t kill him more with blames, within him. he has bigger blame already for failing because he despised your advice. Still, take care of him and repose your confidence in him, this will make him fall deeply in love with you.


All men are silly in some ways. They feel because they are men they got rights to whatever they want. But a wise woman will still put them under her armpits and turn them into mumu. As much as I don’t support the evil of men in marriage which is also very obvious; Should it be the reason for you as a woman to be foolish? Be the source of his peace. In all you do, ask yourself, Am I giving him peace?

A brief run down of the points we discussed:

  • Greet him with a smile
  • Buy him something in line with his taste
  • Pray for him
  • Look at his dressing before he leaves the house
  • Randomly send him messages
  • Buy him a book
  • Occasionally take him out on a date
  • Organize his life
  • Befriend his friends
  • Tell him you believe in him


Men often start wars between nations and outside the home to meet the need of the family but women often start wars at home when their expectations are not met, when they feel hurt or when they want to prove a point. MADAM, even if he doesn’t do everything the way you want; don’t make his time with you to lack peace.

Giving him the silent treatment, giving him your sneers, banging of doors, coldness and bickering will not make him improve; that will only make him avoid being near you. You have rights to be angry and express yourself but do not chase your man away. That man you can’t handle, there is another woman who can make a heaven out of him. 12 THINGS THAT CAN RUIN YOUR RELATIONSHIP

All men are babies, they always want to be where they are pampered. This is where the woman becomes in as a mother and wife, try and make your man fall deeply in love with you. Washing your dirty lining outside just to attract sentiment would bring you mockery tomorrow because everyone has their own marital issues. Be a wise woman and learn how to make your man fall deeply in love with you. Remember that, had I known comes always at last.

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