Signs He Loves You: 22 Undeniable Signs

Are you searching for the signs to know he loves you? Do you want to know if he truly loves you? Then, read these undeniable signs he loves you to find out.


As we all know; every woman wants to be with a man that truly and deeply loves her. I do and I’m sure you do as well.


You are lucky if after reading this post of amazing signs he loves you and you discover that your man falls under this category.


I said so because not every woman is lucky enough to find a man that loves her or shows her the signs he loves her.


The signs he loves you are not limited to the ones discussed in this post but these are the undeniable ones.


These signs he loves you are not necessarily about going for expensive shopping or living in luxury.


It has more to do with your inner peace and rest of mind; that is, your overall happiness.


Kudos to the man who puts in effort into showing you the signs he loves you. He is a rare gem and an asset to be valued.


Let us go straight to the business of the day and discuss all the things you should look out for in him to see the signs he loves you as they are discussed below:


He Pays Attention to You.

He give you his undivided attention in relationship star blog as a sign he loves you
You have his undivided attention

He gives you his time and all. A man that loves you will always give you his undivided attention.


He is never too busy for you. This is one visible sign he loves you. He is always there whenever you need him, even when you did not ask for it; he makes himself available.



He Makes You Laugh

He makes you laugh if he loves you
He makes you laugh

Making you laugh is a great sign he loves you. He cares so much about your happiness. With you; he becomes a stand-up comedian.

He cracks you up, all the time. Your happiness means a lot to him, he always wants you to be happy.




He Wants to be Close

couples together as a sign he loves you in relationship star blog
He loves being around you

He will always want to spend time with you and laugh at your dry jokes. No amount of time spent with you is too much for him.


He enjoys spending quality time you. Watch out for this sign, it’s a great way to know he loves you.




He Talks About You

When a man is in love with you; he can’t help it but to spread the good news. This is another great sign he loves you; when he can’t stop talking about you.


He can’t help but discuss you with his friends and family. Telling them how special and amazing you are. No conversation ends without your name being mentioned, with this great smile on his face.




He Makes You Feel Special.

He makes you feel special in relationship star blog
You’re special to him

He makes you feel special in a kind of way. Look out for this sign. He sees something others do not see in you.


It is a good sign he loves you; he always let you know how amazing of a person you are, even to him. He shows that through his words and actions.





He Supports You

Support is a sign of love in relationship star blog
He supports you

If he loves you, he will definitely support you and let you know you are not alone.


He will support you in achieving your dreams and reaching your goals.


You will feel his presence in every aspect of your life,  standing by you through thick and thin; always there for you.


Supporting you is a priority for him and a sign he loves you. He supports you morally, financially, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, physically and otherwise.


He will never neglect you no matter what, even in the most challenging situations.





He Motivates You.

A good sign to show he loves you truly, he motivates you
He’s your motivator

A guy that loves you will motivate you to be the best you can. He stands as an inspiration, encouragement, drive and motivation for him. This one is far beyond supporting you.


He helps you to push forward and attain greater height in life. Literally, he brings out the best in you. He makes you see the potentials hidden in you.

He wants you to reach the peak in your career, goals and aspirations, not just wanting but going out of his way to see that you make it.






He Puts in Effort to Earn Your Trust

Trust is a sign he loves you
He earns your trust

Trust is earned not taken. He understands that trust is very important to you, so he works hard to earn it.


Just as it is in love; you can not impose love on someone, so it is with trust, you can not force someone to trust you, you have to earn it.


 Trust is the foundation for love or respect.





He Compliments You.

He makes you look beautiful as a sign he loves you
You look beautiful to him

When a man loves you, everything about you becomes so beautiful to him. He compliments your beauty, your intelligence, your skills, everything.


You will feel beautiful, young, loved, appreciated, pampered, smart and important from the way he interacts with you both physically and mentally.


It is a great sign he loves you if he reminds you of how attractive you still look even if you have been together for a while.


He notices every details in you from your hairdo down to your nails, he appreciates the woman in you.


It is an undeniable sign he loves you if everything about you appeals to him.




He keeps to His Promises.

Signs he loves you in relationship star blog
Trust is a sign of love

He makes sure that he fulfils his promises to you. His sincerity with you is a good sign he loves you, he will never lie to you.


He understands that people who do not keep to their promises do not deserve your respect and love.

You can count on him because he does not play games with you.





He Cares beyond Sex

Sex or not; he is still the same person. Some men changes for not having sex with you or after having sex but a man who truly loves you does not change.


It is a sign of love if he cares for you in and outside the bedroom. A man that loves you will love you beyond sex because he sees something more in you.





He makes You Feel Safe.

He makes you feel safe in relationship star blog
You feel safe with him

Every woman desires security in their relationship. A man in love understands this and makes his woman feel safe with him.


The best compliment a man can get from his woman is knowing that she feels safe with him.


It is a great sign he loves you if he makes you feel this way. He will always defend you and watch your back for you if he loves you. You have a mini god in him, haha. He can take bullets on your behalf.




He is Honest With You

A man that truly loves you will be very honest with you in all his dealings. He opens up to you and does not pet you with lies.


There is no skeleton in his cupboard. You can count on his honesty and hold him by his words.





He Does Little Things.

This is very important. When it comes to you; he is humble and down to earth, irrespective of his social or financial status.

He does things such as pulling out the chair for you, bathing or feeding the kids, helping with the house chores, tying your shoe robes, cooking for you, etc.


He is never too busy to stop what he’s doing and offer a small gesture of assistance. He does these things for you on his own without complaining, so it is a sign he loves you.





 He Does Not Abuse You.

A man in love with you, will never abuse you in whichever form, be it physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically or otherwise.


He understands that his confidence and worth comes from within him and not from attempting to place you below him, that is low self-esteem.

To read more on how to deal with insecurity and low self-esteem, click here





He always Put You First.

Ways to know he loves you
You’re his priority

He makes sure to put you first in his life which is a good sign he loves you. As important as it sounds, every woman wants to be the priority in her man’s life.

He listens to your advice. Nobody or situation comes before you in his life. He is selfless in both words and actions.





He Does Not Cheat on You.

The thought of losing you is like a nightmare to him. A man that loves you will never do anything that will complicate things such as cheating.


Staying faithful to you and avoiding any complicating situations is a sign he love you.






He Includes You in His Plans

You are always part of his plans. He dreams of having a future with you and everything he does have you incorporated in it. He carries you along in whatsoever he is doing.





He Respects You.

Respect and treating you like a Queen is a sign he loves you in relationshipship star blog
Respect is a sign of love

He knows your worth and he values it. Respect is a sign he loves you.


He respects your personality, your opinions, your ideas, your views and perspective and does not speak ill of you whether you are there or not.


No matter the height of the disagreement or argument, he never crosses the line with you. He knows when to stop. Respect is paramount when you are with a man that loves you.





He Loves Your Kids

The single mums can relate most with this. You know what it means for a man to love your kid(s).


If he loves you, he will so love your kids as if they are his. This one is a big undeniable sign he loves you.





He Lets You Win

This is funny but it is actually a great sign he loves you. Just the way you can allow your little child to have his way sometimes just to make him happy; that’s how a man that loves you lets you.

We all know how men love to win or rule; it raises their ego but when he loves you, he allows you to win. #wink.





He always Wants to Improve on Himself.

He works on himself to improve and become a better man than he is.


This deoes not mean that he is not good enough but he wants to be better financially, morally, spiritually and otherwise.


He is actually doing all these for himself but he has you on his mind, he wants you to feel proud of him.





The signs he loves you are numerous but these are the most significant, visible and undeniable ones. If you see all these signs in him, just know he has fallen over heels for you.


Appreciate him if he puts in the effort to show you these signs he loves you. Let him know how much you value him. Treat him as a king because it is not easy to find true love these days.


If you give your heart to someone the least you expect from the person is to love you back, so treat him right.


Here is a recap of the 22 undeniable signs he loves you:

  1. He pays attention to you

  2. He makes you laugh

  3. He wants to be close

  4. He talks about you

  5. He makes you feel special.

  6. He supports you

  7. He motivates you

  8. He puts effort to earn your trust

  9. He compliments you

  10. He keeps to his promises

  11. He cares beyond sex

  12. He makes you feel safe

  13. He is honest with you

  14. He does little things

  15. He does not abuse you

  16. He always put you first

  17. He does not cheat on you

  18. He includes you in his plans

  19. He respects you

  20. He loves your kids

  21. He lets you win

  22. He wants to improve on himself


These kinds of men are very rare to find my sister. You are super lucky if you have one by your side. All you can do is to love and respect him back.


I wish you all the best in your relationship and hope you will enjoy your man to the fullest.


Tell me what you think, do you agree with my list? Feel free to add other signs he loves you that I might have omitted.


Much love from me to you.

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